I spent many years searching for my medium when—in 2013—I discovered my love for glass. Under the name Plant Haus I began my artistic journey by making geometric terrariums. After about a year I made myself a pressed flower pendant and that ended up opening a whole new world of design for me. I started making these pendants for my friends and before I knew it there was an increasing demand for them and I had unknowingly built myself a business.

I have since re-branded using my own name with the intention of creating space for myself and my designs to expand. Wall hangings are the latest installment in my line of designs and they incorporate several natural elements that have been collected here in Washington State, the place I call home.

I have always been drawn to the use of natural elements in art. I grew up in the Rockies and spent much of my childhood chasing snakes, fossil hunting and picking flowers. I believe in the notion of animism, which expresses the idea that all things have a spirit and are very much alive. My aim with my work is to capture that essence of spirit and life in a way that can be shared, honored, and enjoyed.



Special thanks to Rachel Bennett Jordan Voth , & Emily Ryder for their beautiful images used throughout this site.